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At Wayburne Law Firm, PC we provide expert legal services tailored to your particular situation. As an immigrant myself, I know the process of navigating the complexities of the immigration system and we are experienced in providing the highest quality of guidance, advocacy, authentic service, and care.

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Types of Visas

Clients Facing Deportation Proceedings


There are several grounds for deportation, including criminal convictions, visa violations, unlawful entry, and immigration status violations.  At Wayburne Law firm, we assist individuals facing deportation. We provide legal counsel and guidance throughout the deportation proceedings, ensuring that our clients understand their rights and options. We evaluate your case, identify potential defenses against deportation, prepare and submit the necessary documentation, represent you in immigration court hearings, and advocate for your rights.  We can also explore alternative solutions, such as seeking relief from deportation, filing appeals, or pursuing waivers. With our expertise and knowledge of immigration laws, we can increase the chances of a successful defense against deportation on a case-by-case basis.

  • 1. What are my options for obtaining legal immigration status?
    We can assess your situation and provide guidance on the various paths to legal immigration status. This may include family-based sponsorship, employment-based visas, investment-based visas, humanitarian options, or other avenues available under immigration laws. Schedule an appointment to learn more.
  • 2. How can I sponsor a family member for immigration purposes?
    We can explain the requirements and processes for family-based immigration, including sponsoring immediate relatives (spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21) or other eligible family members. We can assist with filing the necessary petitions and supporting documentation.
  • 3. What is the process for obtaining a work visa or employment-based green card?
    There are different work visa categories, such as H-1B, L-1, O-1, or TN visas. We will guide you through the application process. We can also provide information on employment-based green cards, such as the PERM labor certification process or self-petition options like the EB-1 category.
  • 4. What are the eligibility requirements for obtaining a student visa?
    We can clarify the requirements for obtaining a student visa, such as the F-1 or M-1 visa, and explain the necessary documentation, educational institution requirements, and any restrictions or limitations associated with student visas.
  • 5. How can I apply for asylum or refugee status?
    The asylum and refugee processes, including the eligibility criteria, application procedures, and potential challenges differ from one situation to another. We can assist with preparing a strong case, gathering supporting evidence, and representing you in immigration court if needed.
  • 6. Do you help navigate the naturalization process and become a U.S. citizen?
    W can guide you through the naturalization process, including the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and the naturalization interview and exam. We assist with preparing the necessary forms and supporting documentation to increase your chances of a successful outcome.
  • 7. Can I appeal a denial or rejection of my immigration application?
    There are available options for appealing a denial or rejection of an immigration application. We can assess the reasons for the denial, advise on the best course of action, and represent you in administrative appeals or court proceedings if necessary.
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